Community Projects

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New Scots Culture Jam

Working with Edinburgh's local Syrian & international communities to explore and share art and science as culture.

MUSE Programme

Our long-term programme exploring science, music & skills for communities with additional support needs including with Beeslack Family Disabled Club

Shetland Creativity & Wellbeing Spree

"Spree" as a Shetlandic tradition centered around music & friendship, our Shetland project explores the importances of creativity to wellbeing, mental health and dementia

Curiosity Club

Our youth engagement programme building science capacity in young people from disadvantaged backgrounds across North Edinburgh with People Know How. 

Leith Labs

A Scientist-in-Residence Programme in a shopping center taking place in Ocean Terminal in Leith, Scotland.

Science Fiction Ceilidh

We're also working with science fiction fans, including the Follycon Convention, to explore & discuss the possible sciences of the future

Science GRRl

As Science GRRl Ambassadors, we promote Science for everybody in our education programme & run several fundraiser/events.

Fun Palaces Scotland

We're partner in Ambassador Scheme for the Fun Palaces campaign for cultural democracy - everyone an artist, everyone a scientist.

Shapinsay Musical Memory

Working with the Orkney island community of Shapinsay to explore the science of memory and the musical heritage of the island.