Get involved in the science fiction ceilidh


We at the Science Ceilidh are very excited to be playing at Follycon, the 69th British National Science Fiction Convention on the evening of the 1st April with the opportunity to develop a Follycon Science Fiction themed ceilidh dance with members! 

This will be developed through a workshop early in the convention and we are currently asking the wider community for science fictional ideas that might be interesting to explore to help us focus the topic of the workshop.

This could include your favourite story arcs, new tech, transhuman & alien biology or other new science ideas - be bold & creative! Concepts that can be easily broken into steps or are highly symbolic work really well, and you can see examples of how we have developed dances based on real science and research on the videos in our resource section. 

You can share your ideas on the following brief form (linked here).


The deadline for our first ideas round will be the 2 March. After this, we will select a few ideas to explore further, and eventually, we will pick one theme for the workshop where we will develop the actual dance there with other members (including the person who suggested it where possible). Finally, it will be named, and then demonstrated and then shared at the Science Fiction Ceilidh at the end of the convention! 

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Follycon Science Fiction Ceilidh.jpg

Example of our science-themed dances. More examples available on our resources page, including for space