CLPL/CPD Training

Our training for teachers focuses on three different levels, tailoring for different contexts and needs.

1) Interdisciplinary Activities: Sharing different hands-on activities linking science, music and arts creatively, relevant in formal and informal education contexts and also sharing our experience in diverse community, youth and additional support need settings.

2) Interdisciplinary Strategies: Sharing and putting into practice our approach of exploring STEM, health and wellbeing through movement, traditional dance and expressive arts.

3) Interdisciplinary Understanding: Exploring questions on the research around the science of learning, creativity and health and wellbeing (particularly from a neuroscience perspective) to have better understanding of this in practice.

We will also provide take-away resources building on both of these components with further examples, support and reading, and have some active reflection encouraging teachers to plan how they might be able to embed these strategies and understandings into practice in their schools.

This is a very engaging teaching approach - it combines activity, practice and learning new things in one session!
— Teacher Feedback at the UHI Inverness CLPL Session 2017

Upcoming Training Events

12 April - Nemo Science Centre Teacher Training Day (Netherlands, TBC) - “Interdisciplinary Science Learning”

8 June - Primary Science Education Conference (Edinburgh, Registration Required) - “Explore STEM through dance and arts”

Date TBC June - Midlothian Council CLD STEM (Midlothian, TBC) - “MUSE- Exploring STEAM with additional supports needs” “STEM and young people”

18-19 June - Paisley STEM Academy (Paisley, TBC) - “Supporting IDL with STEM, Arts and Movement”

2-3 July - Lanarkshire STEM Academy (Lanarkshire, TBC) - “Supporting IDL with STEM, Arts and Movement”

9-10 July - Edinburgh STEM Academy (Edinburgh, TBC) - “Supporting IDL with STEM, Arts and Movement”

Full Report Downloadable  Here .

Full Report Downloadable Here.

previous training events

March 2019 - Moray House PGDE Primary Guest Lecture & Workshop (Edinburgh, Moray House)

March 2019 - ASE Scotland Conference - Exploring the brain and STEM through the arts

February 2019 - Highland STEM Conference - “Neuroscience for teachers” and “Supporting IDL with STEM, Arts and Movement”

January 2019 - Creative & Interdisciplinary STEM (Edinburgh, with RAiSE Scotland & Dynamic Earth)

July 2018 - Moray House Secondary PGDE Students Training Event

July 2018 - STEAM Conference, Malta, Keynote & Teacher Workshop

June 2018 - East Lothian Council Youth Music Initiative - CLPL for music practitioners

March 2018 - Badaguish UHI Primary PGDE training residential

September 2017 - UHI Inverness Primary Teachers

June 2017 - Festival of Education Workshop Session