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Creativity & Wellbeing spree - shetland

As part of our Ceilidh on the Brain Tour, we will be visiting Shetland in May working with communities and schools in Lerwick and then Yell & Unst exploring the links between creativity, wellbeing, mental health & dementia. 

As part of this, we'll be hosting an evening of music, traditional dance, community performances and talks with our "Creativity and Wellbeing Spree" at the Mareel on the 12 May, raising funds for Mind Your Head and the Shetland branch of Alzheimer Scotland & following in the "Spree" Shetlandic tradition of evenings spent centered around music, friendship and discussion.

This will include talks & discussions facilitated by neuroscience educator & fiddle-player Lewis Hou (Featured on BBC 2 Artsnight), director of the Science Ceilidh education project, along with a supper, guest artists and performances from local schools.  

There will be a series of free workshops open to anyone interested in learning more about the links between creativity, the brain, mental health and dementia, and developing a creative piece that can be shared at the Spree in Lerwick in the week of the 7 May.

The following week (14 - 20 May) will involve a series of visits around Yell and Unst, including working with all the local schools exploring the neuroscience of creativity, leading to a community Spree or a Dance event in Mid-Yell. 

Tickets & further information links will be posted here. 

This project is supported with partnerships with Shetland Arts, the Shetland Science Outreach Group and funded by the Wellcome Trust.