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ready to strip the electron?

We're partnering with the Edinburgh Complex Fluids Partnership (University of Edinburgh, UoE) to explore the physics behind "soft-matter" like slime and chocolate through hands-on activities and physics-themed dances that help explain real research up around Fort William, in Caol and Kinlochleven (Tickets & More Info Below!)


We'll also be working with Caol Primary to explore the physics in more detail and then write their own dance to perform!

All this work has been kindly funded by the Institute of Physics, with additional funding from the University of Edinburgh Festival of Creative Learning. 

See a few more several physics/astronomy themed dance here and more of our school programme here.

past events

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Dances include the "Shake Before Use" dance (written with Xuemao Zho) explaining the science as to why some gels need a good shake before you use them, to the Riverside Biofilm Jig (written with Dr Susana Direito) explaining how physics can be used to prevent bacterial biofilms found in water systems (and on your teeth!).

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