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want to share your research through video and the arts?

We're looking for researchers (PhDs, postdocs or faculty) interested in developing a short video and open-source resources sharing why their research is important for communities and high schools and linking with our educational biomedical art videos.

The themes we are looking for researchers to get involved in include:

  • Stem Cells
  • Genetics (Particularly replication and mitosis) 
  • Myelin Biology (Including Multiple Sclerosis) 
  • Vision (both the cells in the eye and visual processing in the brain)
  • Cancer Research

We'll be providing training and support throughout and of course, the videos and resources will be attributed to you and freely useable as part of Creative Commons. We're passionate about developing high quality, open-source resources which are useful for both schools and teachers (linked to the curriculum along with class activities) and also engaging for communities who may not usually engage in science through traditional Scottish arts! You can see examples of our work including a video developed with a researcher on the left or more of our videos and resources here

Check out the FAQ to the side for more information, and if interested, please fill out this brief expression of interest to the right (linked here) as soon as possible or get in touch directly with by 15th of February at the latest.

We will also be hosting information sessions - more will be posted:

Centre for Regenerative Medicine, 14 February 13.00 - 13.30, John Kinross Boardroom


See the full resource & packs here

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Frequently asked questions:

What will this involve? 

We will be looking to work with you for at least four sessions over February to April. This will include a introductory session to hear more about your work, and then a session to develop a "script" for a short video (3-4 minutes) which will be focused around introducing your research suitable for both a high school and adult audience. We will offer communication training to practice this and then film this with you. Finally, we will keep in touch to develop activities and written summaries of your work to help link this into the teacher resources. 

We'd love you to get even more involved with the filming of the biomedical themed dances (think Canadian Brain Dance, Orcadian Strip the Helix and the Stem Cell Festival Dance!)  along with any other ideas if you are interested, but this isn't essential unless you want to!

Is there any costs involved? 

We are currently funded by the Wellcome Trust to develop these videos & resources so beyond your own time, there is no cost involved with you.  We are always keen on future collaborations so we can also discuss this as this develops. 

How long will it take?

We appreciate your time is valuable. We think it will take at least 8-10 hours of your time including preparation time, but this will vary. We are hoping to select the final researchers involved by the end of February and for the filming to be around April time.

Who owns the video?

The video will be launched under Creative Commons licensing. Your research group and/or institution will absolutely be acknowledged, along with the funding from the Wellcome Trust, and we heavily encourage you to take ownership and use the videos! We will heavily involve you in both the scripting and editing stages, and so we will be able to develop something everyone is happy with!

Do I have to be Edinburgh based to get involved?

We do have a preference for Edinburgh-based Researchers for two main reasons - the first is that we are partnered with Edinburgh Institutions for this project, including Edinburgh Neuroscience, the Centre for Regenerative Medicine and the MRC Institute of Genetics & Molecular Medicine, Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology and Cancer Research UK Edinburgh Centre. Secondly, the filming will be primarily Edinburgh based. However, please do get in touch if this is of interest anyway, there may be a way, or potential for future projects!

I'm a masters/undergraduate student, can I get involved?

At the moment, this current project is focusing on researchers at the PhD level and above. However, again, please to get in touch, there may be other ways to get involved! 

I'm keen, how do I apply?

Fill out the brief expression of interest before February the 15th or get in touch directly to There will be a few open meetings organised around campus as a chance to ask questions/find out more. We will be selecting 6 researchers across the topics, ensuring a diversity of topics and people involved and let people know by the end of February!