how are maths & creativity connected for you?

Though partnership with Maths Week Scotland we’ve developed interdisciplinary resources linking together mathematics, science and creative arts. Watch this space for more and look out for exciting activities and events across the country on the Maths Week Scotland website:

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A fraction musical!

A Fraction Musical! is a full lesson plan exploring fractions (including equivalence and addition) through music, including a downloadable set of musical domino games, video and audio files to support the lesson. Suitable for early secondary (Third Level)/late primary (Second Level)

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Dancing Reel Symmetries

Dancing Reel Symmetries explore the symmetries of the square through some of the traditional dances we know and love and encourage students to create their own new dances. Including downloadable symmetry tools and videos, this will be suitable for Fourth Level/upper Secondary students

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Ceilidh Counts

Ceilidh Counts is a lesson plan supporting investigation and measurement in a primary context through maths, dance and creativity!