Brain waves festival

Brainwaves Poster.jpg

Neuroscience Dances

We developed a suite of Neuroscience themed dances especially for our sell-out Brainwaves Ceilidh at Edinburgh International Science Festival 2015 (Evaluation summary is here) and the British Neuroscience Association conference. 



This included a new Scottish Ceilidh-American Contradance Fusion dance, the Action Potential, all about how nerves transmit information. 

We also visited Rene's Sleep Lab in Edinburgh to find out more about brainwaves and sleep, and adapted a dance changing time signatures into the Sleepy Masquerade making you feel progessively tired. 

Finally, we have our favourites dances, the Canadian Brain Dance (see above) and the Flying Photon, which you can see the steps, explanation, and a video of some researchers going through the dance below! 

More dances and the resources to come, watch this space.