{Scots gaelic, pronounced "Kay-Lee"] 

A community gathering, Scottish Folk Dancing done for all occasions 



Loads of fun! Very lively & energetic....sparked discussion”

”Science works really well through ceilidh!
— Feedback from CRUK Ceilidh Oct 14




The Science Ceilidh is an award-winning educational project bringing people together through science and music.

From  a team of experienced educators, scientists, musicians and folk dancers, the Science Ceilidh Band work with communities, schools & festivals to celebrate culture in it's broadest sense, with dance, poetry, storytelling, music and science. 

We link communities with researchers, exploring questions such as the benefits of music to learning, dance to your cognitive ageing, linking creativity and resilience and how being bilingual can help protect against dementia. We often break down science topics into their core steps and use ceilidh dance to represent this, from simulating your immune system with the Dashing White Blood Cell to swinging your partner DNA base-pairs in the Orcadian-Strip-the-Helix and have had over 12,000 dancers up and moving since our inception in April 2014. 

Our school programme visits primary and secondary schools across Scotland and beyond exploring the science of music including the senses, physics of sound, medical technology and new advances in neuroscience research along with music and creative dance.

We also are working closely with teachers to provide open-source, curriculum-linked resources to support and embed cross-curriculum learning for all educators. 

Our long-term community projects include our science-residency in a shopping centre, Leith Labs, supporting our local New Scot community in Edinburgh with culture jams celebrating diversity and steering group, our Musical Brain programme working with additional support needs students, being part of a UK-wide Action Research project looking at Cultural Democracy with the Fun Palaces campaign, and working with organisations such  as Science GRRl to break stereotypes about STEM - because science is for everyone! 

If you want to get involved somehow, want us to visit your school, festival or event, or have any comments or ideas, get in touch! We are always interested in collaborating, and in 2018, will be especially focusing touring Shetland and Western Hebrides as well as mainland Scotland.


An example Science Ceilidh dance adaptation of the traditional "Strip the Willow" explaining Photosynthesis (the Light Dependent Reaction). A fuller explanation is in the full video here