On the 11th of March 2016, we are holding Music and the Geek as part of British Science Week in Liverpool mixing science with dance, comedy and music with:

Geek Songstress Legend Helen Arney

Edinburgh Fringe Festival favourites: Jolly Boat and Fox Dog Studios

Tickets are free & the event is donate as you feel, with all proceeds going to ScienceGRRl and the British Science Association - because Science is for Everyone!

Venue: Constellations, Liverpool

Time: Doors Open 18.00 til late

More details: musicgeek.eventbrite.co.uk

Didn’t think that there were people actually active in bringing more women in science!
— Freeform Comment IWD 2015

Only 12.8% of the STEM workforce in the UK are women and this simply isn't good enough.

We are proud ScienceGRRls at the Science Ceilidh Band and we are careful to promote equality and diversity in our work in schools and events, and we'd like you to consider supporting the organisation, finding out more, and maybe even becoming a cheeky ScienceGRRl yourself!

In 2015, we ran a Science Ceilidh for International Women's Day with ScienceGRRl Glasgow Chapter, along with Glasgow Science Centre and Bright Club Glasgow. 

Our evaluation of the event based from 54 responses out of the 150 people who came, suggests the following key points: 

1.  Audiences found the event very enjoyable (Mean: 4.72/5), informative about ScienceGRRL (3.92/5), though only modestly educational (3.57/5).

2.  Audience members were generally young adults, with 88.5% of the audience 30 or under. In those surveyed, there was a good split of genders (56% females).

3.  The ceilidh were largely new to both gender equality and ScenceGRRL events, with either 70.4 or 67.0 never, or rarely, having gone to Gender Equality or ScienceGRRL events respectively. 36.2% never, or rarely, went to science events more generally (contrasting with 39.6% for arts).

4.  For comparison, 32.0% of audience members can be described as the science “converted” (either attending very often or often) compared to 47.2% for arts, and only 16.9% for gender equality events themselves.