Upcoming Projects (Updated: 21 May 2015)

Beltane Voyage of Discovery, Science Ceilidh workshop, Edinburgh May 26th 2015

Science On A Summer's Evening, Edinburgh June 10th  

British Science Festival Conference, Manchester June 18th 2015

Science on Stage, London June 19th 2015

Lancashire Science Festival, Night at the FestivalPreston, June 26th 2015

The BIG Event, Norwich 23rd July 2015

Mugstock Festival, Mugdock Country Park 7th August   

Greenman Festival, Wales 23rd August

Dissect the Beat Show & Science Ceilidh, Orkney Science Festival 2nd September

International Science Show Cup Competition, Estonia, 23rd - 25th September

EU Researchers Night Science Ceilidh, Edinburgh 25th September

Fun Palaces Science Ceilidh & Workshops, Edinburgh 4th October 2015

Science Ceilidh School Shows, Midlothian Science Festival, 3rd - 18th October


Past Projects & Roles:

Science Ceilidhs:

April 2015: Brainwaves Science Ceilidh, EISF

Wellcome Trust Centre Cell Biology Retreat, Pitlochry

March 2015: Leeds Science Festival Science Ceilidh

Science Grrl Ceilidh for International Women's Day

February 2015: Innovative Learning Week Science Ceilidh & Workshops

December 2014: NCCPE Engage Conference Workshop

October 2014: Cancer Research UK's Ceilidh Experiment 

Midlothian Community Science Ceilidh

Astrobiology Science Ceilidh

August 2014: Zombies in the Museum at the National Museum Scotland 

May 2014: Biology Graduation Ball 

April 2014: Edinburgh International Science Festival



September 2014: Invited Speaker, Pathways to Impact Physiological Society Symposium

July 2014: Busking Your Socks Off, BIG Event 

May 2014: Science Show Off, Surrey 

March 2014: PROTEUS Public Engagement Meeting, Edinburgh 

Feb 2014: PubHD, Glasgow Sceptics 

June 2013: Compering TEDxUoE 

Nov 2012: Famelab, Scotland. Scottish finalist. 

Sep 2012: Naked Scientists Neuroscience Roadshow Guest Presenter 


Science Festivals: 

May 2015: Queen Margaret University Broken Bodies

March 2015: Bangkok Barge Programme

January 2015: Saudi Arabia Festival of Science & Creativity DNA Detectives Team Leader

November 2014: Abu Dhabi Science Festival 2014 Science Village Venue Manager

October 2014: Midlothian Science Festival Science Alive! Gala Day

September 2014: Orkney Science Festival

Apr 2014: Science Ceilidh, EISF 

Nov 2013: Abu Dhabi Science Festival, Zone Leader of 11 workshops, Trainer & Team Leader of ER Surgery

Aug 2013: Edinburgh International Science Festival in Bangalore, India: Trainer, Team Leader & Stage Show

Nov 2012: Abu Dhabi Science Festival, Trainer & Team Leader 

Sep 2012: Orkney Science Festival, Life through a Lens Communicator, Fiddling in the Brain workshop 

Oct 2011: Abu Dhabi Science Festival, Trainer & Team Leader 



Jan 2015: New Atlantis, Science Liaison

August 2014: Zombies in the Museum, National Museum Scotland

Apr 2013: Deadinburgh, Summerhall, Surviving Neuroscientist 


Training Days:

Feb 2015: Training Day with Leeds Science Slam,

Feb 2014: Psychology Science Communication, Innovative Learning Week, Tutor

Jan 2014: Shout about Engineering, Tutor

Aug 2013: Bangalore Science Festival, Science Communicator Trainer 

Jun 2013: PhD Training Day, Edinburgh Beltane, Tutor