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The Science Ceilidh is an award-winning educational project bringing people together through science and traditional music and arts.

As a band, we've had over 16,000 dancers up and moving at festivals, events and conferences all around the world - from simulating your immune system with the Dashing White Blood Cell to swinging your partner DNA base-pairs in the Orcadian-Strip-the-Helix or learning about light in the Fluorescence Fling - partnering with researchers to communicate their work in creative & accessible ways. 

Our community programmes empowers a wider range of groups, from rural communities across Scotland, New Scots in Edinburgh, young people with additional support needs, youth groups and a long-term science residency in Leith, to participate and share arts, science and culture together. 

Finally, our education programme has inspired over 12,000 pupils in both primary and high schools, along with supporting teachers, to explore the cutting-edge interdisciplinary science behind music, creativity and learning and actively breaking stereotypes about Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths alongside Arts careers. 


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“Thank you for such a great evenings entertainment, not sure I have seen that many of our members be so active!”
— British Association of Planetaria 2017

We are based in Edinburgh, but have played around Scotland, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Abu Dhabi.